Day 1

Not a very exciting title I know, but today feels like day one.  We are starting out on the adventure of our lives, starting next fall, the fall of 2010 I will embark on home schooling the kids.  Ryan will be in 6th grade and Abby in 3rd.  Today I registered with NICHE, the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators and in June we’re going to the NICHE conference in Des Moines, IA.  So I am pretty excited about that.
Right now we’re looking into the “Switched on School House” curriculum, but not sure yet.  We had fun looking at all the resources that the Iowa City Public Library has yesterday when we were there.  I think I’ll have fun putting together extra things outside of the curriculum.
I am praying, but I already feel like this is where God is leading us.  Ralph, of course, is in full support. He’s wanted me to do this for a long time.  I also am finding people who do it, not locally, but at least people who I can look to for support and go to for ideas and bounce ideas off of.
The kids are excited about it, and I am looking forward to it too, even thou I am very scared. But u know, they say we learn more from our kids then they learn from us…so we’ll all learn together!

“Don’t Hesitate to Home Educate!”