NICHE homeschooling conference

Ralph and I discussed plans yesterday to attend the NICHE (Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators) homeschool conference in Des Moines this June.  We’re going to stay at the Marriott hotel where I always stay when attending the Women of Faith.   So I am excited to talk to other home educators and get resources and help with the planning.  We’re still looking into the full Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum, and I am happy that AlphaOmegaPublishing, the ones who created SOS will be at the NICHE conference, so I will want to visit their booth.  Maybe they will have discount for people attending too! That would be nice.
Ryan and Abby both are excited about the possibility of mom homeschooling them next school year. I just wish I knew other home schoolers around us, Lone Tree is pretty bleak in that area.
I am thinking that this summer we can start when we go on our vacation.  We’re going to drive the camper to Boise, ID and I think there’s so many places we can stop and teach the kids things.  We are planning on stopping at Minden, NE to go to the Pioneer Village and then also stopping in Salt Lake City, UT and touring the Mormon church there.   Alot of the true test of me sticking to the teaching and lesson planning will be starting out this summer and seeing how it goes.  I also need to see how long I can “test” it before you actually have to register with the state of Iowa as a homeschooling family.  I also need to look into HSLDA for their fees.  I would never home school without that.
Well, I should go, I need to work out and clean.  I have been pretty lazy all day.

In Christ’s Love,