Such wonderful friends we have :)

My friend Mary said we could stay at her house in Ankeny, IA in June so we can attend the NICHE homeschool conference and not have to pay for a hotel room!! How cool is that?? And Cindy said the kids could stay overnight at their house so we don’t have to pay for them to participate in the all day Child’s session/daycare at the conference.  This is all working out so well….just yet another reason why I feel this is what God is wanting us to do.
We’re still pretty serious about the Switched on School house curriculum. We like how it sounds.   My friend Jessica said they used one of Alpha Omega’s curriculums when they homeschooled and liked it.
The thing we’re dealing with deciding now, is whether or not to skip the 6th grade curriculum for Ryan and just jump right into 7th.  He’s BORED at public school and isn’t being challenged at all, hense most of our reason to home school in the first place.  So I am thinking that I don’t want to spend $300+ on a curriculum he’ll be bored with and/or finish in 3 months.  So we’ll talk to the Alpha Omega ppl at the conference I think and go from there.