I found a cute little cursive writing book the other day when the kids and I were at Barnes and Nobel and I bought it for Abby. It was only $4.99 and I used my printer to make copies of the pages for her, so we can keep reusing the workbook. So far she has written her name and the word “boo” on her own 🙂

It’s a great book cause instead of using words for typical animals, they use unusual animals and encourage the child to look up (with the parents help) the animals on the internet and learn more about them. Abby liked the anteater!

I also got the 2010-2011 Rainbow resource catalog in the mail the other day and they have full curriculums there that look like they would be good for both kids, and alot cheaper than buying the Switched on Schoolhouse curriculum. So Ralph and I have been looking that over today.
I also love some of their other books too, so that free shipping for order of $150 or more will sure apply to us once we decide what we need for next fall. I am liking some of their books on helping the kids retain information over the summer. I won’t be able to fully start homeschooling them till the fall thou, cause with the daycare I am super busy!