It’s Official

The kids are totally on board with the home schooling now. Ryan said if he had a choice between one or 2 of his favorite teachers and me, he chooses me 🙂
 I will order curriculum as soon as we can afford it and then I have to file papers with the state of Iowa.  They have to be filed with our school district by August 26th.  We’ll start our school year around that time as well.  We have to have 148 days of schooling per year, which gives us about 5 months, so I figure we should be able to do 4 days a week and take one day off, like Friday’s so we can have 3 day weekends.  However, so much learning will be done other ways as well, as Ryan has expressed deep concern about spending too much time “in textbooks”.
I’m scared to death…but I know that this is what God wants for us, so I will just take one day at a time 🙂