God works His wonders when you don’t even expect them!

Ralph and were days, maybe even hours from making the decision to homeschool the children…when I find this church in Iowa City, Good News Bible Church, on Google.

Looking at their website, I saw that it said they supported home schooling families. Intrigued I called Ralph after already calling him and telling him I was going to bed. I was too excited to wait until morning. I called him and told him about the church and he sounded very interested also. So we made plans to attend the following Sunday. Well, things change and we weren’t able to attend for 2 more weeks.
The first time we were able to attend was today, July 11th. Ralph had to leave early for work, so we went to the early service at 8am. So we got there and as soon as we walked into the church everyone was super friendly. Turns out I knew the pastor’s wife already, she used to come into Fareway all the time when I worked there, her and I were pregnant at the same time with our youngest children! So she remembered me from there and talked to us for a while. Then her husband, Pastor Chris Arch came up to welcome us as well (we were sitting in the santuary by this point) and he was super nice too. During the service Miss Abby had to go potty (as always happens during church) and so I glanced around the place for the bathrooms, and a lady behind us asks me if Abby has to go to the restroom, so she gets up and leads us out and shows us where they are. I mean, super nice people. So after church we chat with some people and with the pastor and his wife again. Turns out their VBS starts Monday, and they invite us to come to the BBQ tonight and the kick off of VBS. So we say “oh maybe” cause we weren’t sure.
The kids and I went back at 6pm for the BBQ and I am so glad we did!! I talked to so many homeschoolers there!!! Almost all their families are homeschooling families!!! It was fantastic!!! So many wonderful people coming up and introducing themselves to me and the kids and talking about homeschooling! I found out about a support group in Iowa City called “CHEF” which is Christian home educators fellowship and the pastors wife and another lady there are registered supervising teachers and are really involved in CHEF. So now that opens the door for other options for us as well, since I wasn’t sure if I wanted the supervising teacher option or not. I will have to find out about CHEF and try to go to a meeting.
God is so AWESOME! I mean, we were so close to deciding whether or not we wanted to HS, then I find this church…how miraculous is that?? I have never experienced His hand so directly in my life that I can recall, thou I am sure He was there, I just never noticed it before now. To fell God’s call so strongly is beyond words…beyond description!
There are no coincidences…it’s all in God’s Time, God’s plan and God’s miracles!