Curriculum has ARRIVED!!!!

Our curriculum got here this afternoon!! WOW 2 huge boxes full of 5 smaller boxes each!! So much fun!! I also ordered other books on clearance that came also.

I have separated the “Teachers Guide” from each box within each curriculum for both kids, and started reading a little in the book “Teaching your Gifted Child” that I purchased also.
There’s an extensive list of supplies needed for science experiments too! YIKES!! So I have to read thru the the section for each unit and find out if you HAVE to do each experiment, or not, and how long they take to fit them into the time, etc. They have weekly lesson plan pages in the teachers guides, but I think I will still go buy a cheap planner that has a nice spiral on it to keep separate.

So I am trying to think about how to organize, but at this point, I am just overwhelmed LOL! I have to remember to breathe, and take one step at a time.