It’s Sunday!

I’m excited today! We get to make it to the later, more populated church service.  Last week we had to attend the early service due to hubby having to go to work later that morning.  The early service doesn’t have too many people there.  I got to meet alot of people at VBS this week, but today I will probably get to meet alot more.  This church is so friendly and everyone is always coming up and introducing themselves which is so wonderful!
They have fellowship at 10 so we’ll go to that and then worship at 10:30.
Following church we’re going downtown IC to the library to return books and get more. Then it’s off to walmart to look for a huge wall map (something I decided the homeschool classroom HAD to have!) and then to look at shelving and get some organization stuffs for both mom (the teacher) and the kids (students)!  I need to get myself organized!!
I am hoping to start school the day AFTER the public school kids do.  The day the PS starts the kids and I are going to the Aquatic center in either Coralville or Muscatine cause there will NOT be a bunch of kids there! It will be wonderful! (I am going to love the flexibility of HSing I can tell already!)
I bought Ryan a Mensa puzzle book “Challenge your brain: Math and Logic” and he absolutely loves it!! He was up at 7am this morning doing games in it.  I love that both kids love to learn.  While he was doing that, Abby and I had a little discussion about where lizards live depending on what kind they are.  Just cause she was curious! LOVE THAT!

Well, I should go, I need to get ready for us to go.  I found out this morning, that I had NOTHING in the way of nice church clothes.  Sigh…so I guess I should spend some of my daycare money on that before the end of the summer and my income ends.