CHEF and other things

The CHEF meeting went really well today, I know this is going to be a really good thing. I got alot of information and maybe the possibility of doing “school pictures” for the CHEF “family”.  I would do them for free, of course, but it would be a great opportunity for me.
Anyway, I saw alot of faces from the church that I met last week during VBS.  Speaking of VBS, I got a card from the church today from the pastor thanking us for letting the kids participate in VBS.  How sweet was that??
Anyway, Abby’s friend Holley came over, then they went to swim at her house, now they are back down here while her mom goes to the Farmer’s market here in town. 
I am debating as to WHEN to start HSing for the year.  I would like to start “part time” in the early part of August, and I know hubby wants me to also, but I am worried since I have the daycare kids here and they will not understand nor leave my kids alone enough I don’t think.  We’ll see…I am done doing daycare on the 20th of August for good thou.  I will miss my 2 full timers I have had for 6yrs, but I will enjoy my freedom as well. I can focus so much better on our kids that way.
Hopefully this Sunday I can talk to Lisa, who is going (hopefully!) to be our supervising teacher for this school year. She was at CHEF but I wasn’t able to talk to her. She was going to speak with her husband about taking us on before telling me yes or no.  I sure hope they decided to. I really like her and am looking forward to working with her.