Unit Studies

For alot of you ‘seasoned’ homeschoolers this is going to sound very silly and probably obvious, but to me it wasn’t.
We got our curriculum about a week ago, I have been going over it, reading the parents guide and everything. Feeling quite overwhelmed too. I keep reading about all of these families doing “unit studies” on things like dinosaurs, volcanos, etc and I kept thinking, wow, that’s cool, they must be eclectic homeschoolers cause we have this set curriculum.  But I also kept thinking, there has to be more to this schooling than just the workbooks right?? Yeah, I hear ya’ll chuckling now as you know where I am going with this!!  This morning as I lay in bed talking to the Lord (yeah, I pray while in bed LOL), we’re having our “morning chat” and I am asking Him to guide me, to give me knowledge and wisdom..then as my mind wanders off, as it usually does, I start thinking about the unit studies again…then it CLICKS!!! DUH!
If their science unit one is rocks, volcanos, etc, then THAT IS A UNIT study!! DUH! I cannot believe it took me that long to put the 2 and 2 together!!! HaHaHaHa!!!!