For Today…

Snagged this from my friend Rachelle’s blog and filled in my own answers:

For Today…

Outside my Window…it’s hot, muggy and rainy

I am thinking…how I need to get these kids to bed, and how nervous and excited I am about venturing into homescooling, oh, and about seeing my friend Kris tomorrow!

From the learning rooms..working on setting up the kids ‘school room’ in the toy/computer room

I am thankful for…my family, God and rain that makes things new
From the kitchen…homemade mac&cheese hubby made tonight

I am wearing…a black Tshirt and shorts

I am reading…I am reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone and alot of HSing books

I am hoping…for no rain tomorrow

I am creating…nothing at the moment

I am hearing… Christian music on my friend Rachelle’s blog

Around the house…being lazy, I am depressed tonight and I’m not sure why

One of my favorite things…is spending time with family

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… it’s Friday so my week is done! Spending time with friends on Saturday, and church and errands on Sunday!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Our “classroom” so far…it’s a work in progress!