We got our membership packet with our cards in the mail yesterday for HSLDA! I feel better already 🙂
I feel better just knowing they are in our corner if someone were to question why our children aren’t in “school” should we be out and about during public school hours. 

I finished the book “Lies Homeschooling moms believe” last night. Excellent book!! It gave me a lot of confidence I wasn’t sure I had before.  Hubby’s going to take it with him in the truck to read too, to give some insight into what my world will be like once we start schooling.

Today we have church, this will be only the 2nd time hubby’s been able to go, I hate that he’s gone so much 😦
He went once but it was the first time, and it was the 8am service, so now he gets to go with us to the 10:30 service which so many more of the families are at.

Well, I should get off here…lots to do before we go. I would like to start a load of laundry before we leave, one less thing to do this afternoon!