Some random thoughts…

Today I used my HSLDA membership to get a discount on Homeschooling today Magazine. I hope I get my first issue soon.
I also talked to Lisa at church on Sunday and she is going to be our supervising teacher! I’m happy about that. I really like her.  I got her teacher’s license number from her to put on the CPI form.  The kids are so excited about starting!
I talked to Cindy on the phone today, and it’s so sad to think about her boys not coming to our home anymore. I have had them full time since Wyatt, now age 6, was not even a yr old. WOW
However, I am looking forward to not having daycare kids at all thou.  I am looking forward to being here with Ryan and Abby and watching their little minds blossom as they learn and grow 🙂
I need to take them out and do ‘school pics’ thou, we haven’t done a session for a while.  That’s the best session I do, pics of my own kids 🙂
So, Lisa and I decided to get together the first time (Supervising teacher/parent must meet in person once every 45 days of instruction and once over the phone) after school has started for a few weeks, sometime in September, to see how it’s going and if I need any help with anything. 
I worked more on setting up the “school room” and it’s looking quite cute.  I would like to spend time cleaning out the huge closet upstairs so that we can move alot of the toyboxes/totes up there, so we have more room for the bookshelf and other things.
Well, I should go, I have to get the kids off to 4H on wheels.