Not back to school Blog Hop ~ Curriculum

I decided to join the ” Not Back to School” Blog Hop this month.  It is hosted by Heart of the Matter.  This week is Curriculum Week.
We purchased an all in one Curriculum.  All 5 subjects for both 3rd grade (Abby) and 6th grade (Ryan).  We bought the LIFEPAC curriculum from Alpha Omega publishers. 
I know I always read ‘seasoned’ homeschoolers talking about how new homeschoolers buying too much curriculum their first year, and yes, we probably did, but I wanted to feel ‘secure’ in what we were doing, not just be flailing around trying to put things together and worried the whole time we were not teaching them what they needed to know.

I like the LIFEPAC cause it’s got tests built right in, and the teachers guides have suggested activities and things for the students for each unit of each subject.

Our five subjects are: Bible, Science, History and Geography, Math and Language arts.
I am most looking forward to all of them but Math! I do not get along with fractions, and numbers in general!! LOL I am hoping that Ryan will pick up on things fast, cause I am scared looking at his math stuff.  However, he was already looking at it and figuring things out in his head…he’s so smart 🙂

Abby will love the curriculum I think, hers has cute little characters that guide her thru each lesson and they have fun activities for us to do, like building a model boat when we learn about fishing for Lobsters in Geography and learning cursive this year in Language arts.

We start school on the 24th of August!!!

Not Back to School Blog Hop