Not back to school blog hop: School Room Week

This is week 2 in the Not back to school blog hop at Heart of the Matter Online.
We really do not have a ‘dedicated’ room for our classroom, and right now it’s not fully set up yet either.
I have huge wall maps and other things to do, but since I still have the daycare till the 20th, alot is not set up yet.
Most of the actual sit down school work will happen around the kitchen table anyway. I did take some pics of what we have set up so far.

This is the room I have set up so far, limited on space in this small house, this room is the workout room/computer room/toy room and now classroom. This room is also my photo studio when I do indoor sessions!! I don’t think I can cram any more things into one room!

Here’s the other side of that room, the kids’ computer and my computer.

Here’s the book shelf in the living room with our curricula on it.

Not Back to School Blog Hop

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