Friends are such a blessing

Ok so I talked to the landlord about a globe and microscope that he has to see if we could borrow them and he said yes but the globe is older, and dates back to the 1980’s (which wouldn’t be good for the layout of some countries, like Russia) but it may have worked for us.  So I post on Facebook about him lending those to us and my friend Carol, from IN replied to my status and said she had one she could send me.  Now get this-this is the model she has!! It’s a Leap Frog Globe similar to this one she said
I’m so excited!! How much of a blessing is that?? She said last night that they put batteries in it to make sure it works and it does. I’m so excited to get it. She’s going to mail it out by the end of the week. So we should have it by sometime next week! YAY!
Then tomorrow the kids computer (which was being repaired by HP=the motherboard died) will be here AND the science kit from home science tools.   I love waiting for stuff to come that I ordered…it’s like Christmas! LOL