School room decor

I bought some of the cutest decor for our school room last night at Michaels! I was so excited to put it up.

The calender is on the window since NO wall in this old decrepit hosue we live in is flat enough and it kept falling off! ugh!
So when we get another bulletin board it’s going on that!

Here’s another shot (I know I have shared this before) of our other side of the room. I have moved the book shelf in here and also bought borders for the bulletin board. The Elliptical will be moved soon, then the kids’ pink and orange storage will be moved against the wall where the elliptical sits now.

                                                       This is a shot of some of the cute ‘banners’ I also bought.
I thought they would look cute and inspirational around the house.
This one is on the wall by my desk, under a portrait of the kids I took last fall.
This is some more of the banners, I placed them under our family portraits and  over the fish tank in the living room

 This is the door in our kitchen that leads to the upstairs. I thought it needed a banner too (actually, I was trying very hard to find FLAT surfaces they would stick to!)

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