When one door closes….another opens

I was up bright and early at 5:30…the reason?? Gosh who knows…the alarm went off and I woke up..that’s rare! I am not normally a morning person.
Today is a sad day for me (us).  When we made the decision to home educate our children, we also made the decision not to do home daycare anymore.  In turn, I had to tell the family that has been coming to our home for 5yrs this decision also (I mean, they had to know). I told them back in June…and here it is…the last day.  It seems so surreal.
When they starting coming here, Wyatt (the youngest) was less than a year old. He took his first steps in the kitchen.   It’s like I am losing 2 kids today…really.   When children are in your home for 10+ hours a day 5 days a week you tend to get a little attached.  Gosh…I’m getting choked up thinking about it now…
It’s not like we won’t ever see them…I mean, the dad’s dad is our landlord and we all are close friends now.
The oldest, Caleb, he says last night when she picked them up, “Tomorrow is our last day?” and I said yes, so he says, and with much conviction I might add, “I don’t like that” poor thing.  He’s so close with my kids.
Well, I am sure we’ll be ok, and I know that in other ways I am very much looking forward to having just my own kids here everyday.  I am also so excited about this new adventure my family and I are starting out on next week! The adventure of homeschooling!