Not back to school blog hop: A day in the Life

This is a hard one for me this week….as we haven’t started yet and this is our first year. I have a ‘schedule’ made up, but not sure how that will go either, as I have read so much saying how you learn as you go what ‘scheduling’ works for your family.
So, here’s how I “see” our days going!  We start this Wednesday btw!

7-8:45am chores, breakfast, devotions, laundry, dishes, Mom’s computer time & a workout
8:45-9:30 Language Arts
9:30-10:15 Math
10:15-11:30 Science
11:30-12:15 Lunch/reading time/journals
12:15-1:30 Geography/history
1:30-2:15 Bible

Now you see…as a public schooled child myself, and my kids being pulled out at ages 11 and 8, I am a “scheduler” but we’ll I said, we haven’t started yet, so this is a good week for me, to READ and learn from the others in the blog hop!

Love & Hugs,

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