Our First day!

Today was our first day!!
This is our first year of homeschooling (as many of you know) so I wasn’t sure how the day was going to go!
In the morning we headed out to an Amish discount grocery store that’s only open Wednesday and Saturdays then we got to talk to a nice Amish family and the kids got to pet their horse. Then we went to the Cheese Factory there and watched them make cheese curds (which we bought of course!)
When we got home we worked on Language arts, Math and started science and made lunch.
Dad was home cause he had surgery on Monday and has to be home for a few days.
After lunch we did science, geography and bible.
I would say over all it went well. We went up to the PS and talked to the ELP teacher there who basically let us know she’d be there for any resources or help we might need later on. Which was nice šŸ™‚
Tonight we had tacos for dinner and blackberry smoothies for desert. The kids did the dishes for us.
They were in bed by 8:30
I am hoping tomorrow goes as smoothly. The only thing that bugged me is we left early to go to the grocery, so we didn’t have morning prayers and devotions, something not to be repeated tomorrow!!
I already have lesson plans done for tomorrow and plans to include ‘recess’ per the kids request by taking a walk after lunch.

Here is Ralph with Abby looking over her science work (she’s learning how the body takes in Oxygen and was talking to dad about how many breaths she took after she ran up the block and back again šŸ™‚

This is Ryan’s first Science experiment of the year. He is learning about photosynthesis. This plant is under a bright lamp, and there’s another in a dark room. He observes them after 24 hours and writes up a paper about them and their changes.

Here’s Ryan pretending to be sleeping when I pulled out the camera (he really was working!)

Here’s Abby working on journals.
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