How we breathe, lobsters and map reading….Day 2!

We had a great 2nd day of homeschooling for the year! I am really loving having the kids at home with me 🙂
Abby studied more about lobster fishing in Maine in Geography, how we breathe in Science (she got to see how there’s air in dirt) and she also learned about obeying God cause we love Him.
Ryan is working on longitude/latitude and map reading in Geography, and in bible he is learning Genesis (the beginning). He also wrote the report on his experiment from yesterday, the plant in bright light did MUCH better than the plant that was hidden in the dark room without any light.
They both had alot of fun today, but I think piling on all 5 subjects daily might be a bit much for Ryan. So I will have to re-think our schedule.
After we finished today we went to town and I ordered new lenses for my glasses (very much needed!) and then we went to Walmart, Dollar Tree and out for pizza for dinner.  We bought me a shelf at Walmart for my teacher supplies that the boys are putting together. Well, Abby’s helping too, but it’s mostly the boys LOL!
I found some cute posters for the walls in the classroom at Dollar Tree.  I also bought a new binder for me and some folding files for the kids to keep papers in from this year.
Well, that’s it for our day. It was a great one!!