Reading, test tubes and fun! Day 3

We finished up day 3 and our first week of homeschooling with an easy day!
The kids had a lighter load today and did more reading than other last 2 days.
Here are some pics of Abby reading from “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” the first in the series.

She was NOT thrilled about mom having the camera out-again!

So I snuck up from the back *giggle*

Ryan got to set up another science experiement that will sit for a long time, and he checks it every 2 days for change.
There’s another 2 test tubes in the upstairs closet in the dark.
After studies were done we met the “Future Problem solvers” coach at the Kalona Library for a meet and greet so we could find out what it’s all about so Ryan could see if it was something he’d want to do. I think he will like it.
She said he needs to come for about a month before he decides for sure.
So every Friday now we meet at the Kalona Library for that. So I am going to get a library card for there too, since Abby and I will be hanging out there for an hour every week. So that will be 3 library cards for us LOL!

After that meeting we stopped at the park and let the kids run off some energy! Here they are waving their arms behind a tree! Silly kids!

We had a GREAT first week and I cannot wait to start again on Monday!
I knew I would love being at home with them…but I didn’t have any idea I would love it so much, nor that I was missing out on so much while they toiled away in public school all those years 😦

I cannot regret it thou, just enjoy the journey from here!

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