Real Accomplishment!

You can envision and speculate, plan, theorize and guess about how things will turn out. The way to know for sure, though, is to step forward and make the effort.
There are plenty of things that could go wrong, and challenges you probably never thought about. But don’t let the mere possibility of those problems prevent you from getting started.

When events fail to unfold as you anticipated, you can learn, evaluate, make adjustments and then keep on going. Keep in mind that each difficult challenge brings with it the opportunity to create even greater value by working through it.

All the things that are easy and without risk have already been done. If it is real accomplishment you seek, you must be willing to take on real challenge.

Look ahead to the goal at the end of the path, and see it clearly. Then step confidently forward, ready to do whatever you must to reach that goal.

Real accomplishment is well within your reach. With real effort, real commitment and real persistence you’ll absolutely get yourself there.

— Ralph Marston

Have a Real Effort, Real Commitment and Real Persistence kind of week!