Day 6..seed corn growth, flowers and essays

Today was a fun day in discovery!!!  After a yummy breakfast of pancakes,

Ryan got to check his science experiment and learned that the corn seed in the dark closet

actually grew more but wasn’t as green as the one in the window, but the ones with no water either in sun or in dark didn’t grow at all (it’s been about 4 days)

 Then he had to record his findings into his worktext:

About mid-morning we took a walk around town and saw some super pretty flowers at my friend Laura’s house.

The kids thought it was great that when you sniff the morning glories, the petals all get sucked up around your nose! (if you don’t know this, go try it!)

Then when we got home Ryan had to finish his essay about what life would be like without plants.

After all the work was done, we went into town to the library and Walmart.  Abby finished her book she got last Tuesday so she got the next 2 in the series so that we wouldn’t have to go back so soon.  Tonight we had spaghetti for dinner with garlic bread.  It was a great day!