Kindle 3

I finally talked hubby into buying me  the new Kindle 3! WOOHOO! I am so excited!! I haven’t owned an e-reader or Kindle before, and I am pretty excited about it.  What are all of your thoughts, my great readers, about the e-readers?? I am an old-fashioned girl, and I love books, I love the feel and smell of them.  What I don’t like is the space, which is why the Kindle looked so appealing. Not all books are available for it yet, but many are.  And I think I finally talked hubby into it after we had to buy yet another bookcase for my grand collection LOL!

So I am mainly wondering if any of my wonderful readers have the Kindle 3 or the Nook and what you think of having an e-reader or what you think of the Kindle 3, since that’s what I ordered.  It’s expected to ship on the 17th of September, they are on back order.