Day 8: Science, Dad and the Library!

Phew! What a weekend!! I am finally getting around to posting about our Friday.
Friday we had an easy day (as Friday’s go for us) and we did Science, Math (just Abby, we’re waiting on Ryan’s new math curricula to arrive), and language arts.  Abby got to do an  experiment in Science but I didn’t get pics, as dad was helping her with that in the kitchen while I was grading tests in the ‘classroom’ at my desk.
Ryan finished up his science experiment also, the one with the seeds in test tubes.  I got pics of that, cause that was the first thing we did when we started school, he was so excited to see how they turned out!

The one in the DARK actually grew better than the one in the light, however, it wasn’t as green as the one in the light.  I think the one in the dark did better, cause that room wasn’t air conditioned and it was super muggy here in Iowa last week.
Then we moved on to Math (Abby) and Language Arts (Ryan). Abby does her language arts first and is pretty good at it! She’s learning to write in cursive this year and doing very well! I will have to scan some of her work to show off 🙂
In Math she learned about using a yard stick and a ruler to measure, so she got to go outside and measure the sidewalk (the curriculum said driveway, but we don’t have one of those at our house)

Note that she’s wearing brother’s crocs that are way too big LOL!

After the kids were all done with their work, we went to the Kalona Library for the “Future Problem Solvers” program that Ryan is a part of. I think he enjoyed it better this time than last time.

Abby posed a bit for me *giggle*


and I also grabbed a shot of dad listening to her read 🙂

After that we went to FPS we went up to Iowa City and picked up the new lenses for my glasses and did some shopping.  It was a great day!!