Day 9: Labor Day and an easy day of sorts

We didn’t do a whole lot today, school-wise, since it is Labor Day here in the US. But the kids and I did do school, after mom slept in till 9 am LOL! We had a good day thou.  We did school work (math, science, language arts and bible) then we watched a really good DVD. We watched about 1/2 of it actually, but Ryan was totally interested. It was “Incredible Creatures that defy Evolution”. It was very interesting!
Tonight I made chili for dinner and the kids and I walked to the store to get sour cream, soda and my coffee creamer (I was out-the horror!)
Last night we had a really bad Tstorm and high winds. It knocked a limb down right by our camper. You can see pics of it HERE at my personal blog. Luckily it didn’t hurt the camper.  However, thanks to the thunder the kids didn’t go to bed till almost 11pm cause Abby freaks out. So it will be an early night tonight as we’re all tired.
I will be snuggling up with a good book (reading my way thru the Harry Potter series and I’m on book 4). I can’t wait to get my Kindle…should be about 2 weeks!
Well, I am off, I washed bedding today and have beds to make!