Happy Tuesday!! Day 10: yogurt popsicles, silly kids and schoolwork (even thou we didn’t wanna!)

Today was an interesting one…to say the least. Last night, the kids had taken yogurt and put popsicle sticks in it and froze them, so guess what breakfast was today! Yup, you guessed it!

Then later, we went to town cause my new lenses for my glasses we picked up on Friday just were NOT working for me. Everything was blurry. So I got those fixed *YAY!* and then the kids and I stopped at Walmart for a few things.  As you can tell by the above photos that obviously my glasses are NOT working for me! I  am SO GLAD to be able to see again! Praise the Lord!

When we got home they got into a laughing frenzy and wouldn’t WORK on schoolwork for anything!!
Here they are in their silliness!

Finally I got them settled down and we got all the lessons done! Then we hung out and worked on chores the rest of the afternoon.
It was a pretty fun day all in all! Tomorrow will be very little school as I have alot of errand running to do and cleaning to do before my Tupperware party in the evening.