Day 11 & 12

Howdy readers! Not much to report the last 2 days.  We did get the new math curriculum for Ryan and he REALLY likes it. He’s doing so much better with that!!!
Yesterday (day 11) we went to the church and pick up the Horizons Math for Ryan, then we went to Fareway for groceries for the Tupperware party I had last night.  Then  we came home and did a 1/2 day of school work. The kids only did part of their 5 subjects.
Today we started school and then had to leave on an errand.  Their dad is a trucker and only home weekends, but he came thru so we went up and met him for a short bit.  When we came home we had lunch and then finished school.  Ryan’s just finishing up Bible study right now.
We went on a walk this afternoon.  We saw birds, frogs and neat rocks, one of which Abby kept for her ‘collection’.
Tonight is bath night..these kids need it LOL!
So it wasn’t an overly exciting day yesterday or today, but I like to update no matter what we do 🙂