A new blog entry! It’s AMAZING!

I know…it’s a miracle to hear from us! Sorry it’s been so long. It’s been crazy here!! Let’s see, where do I start…
Ralph got home late Friday night, Saturday morning we packed up and went camping!! We had a blast!
Here are some pics:

Sunday we left the campsite and went to church where we heard another amazing sermon and visited.  Then we stopped at Village inn and had breakfast and then went back to the site and packed up and came home. After we had less than 2 hours at home we drove back to the church for Talent/No Talent night which was alot of fun!!  Ryan played his trumpet and I was so impressed cause he did so well seeing as he hasn’t played all summer. Guess now I will have to find lessons for him…didn’t know he still wanted to play it!
Here’s some pics from that:

After it was over we had a nice time visiting with church members then we had to leave to get things done here.
Monday Ralph left to do some local pickups before heading to Salt Lake City.  He called work and got it approved for Ryan to ride with him!! So we packed up Ryan’s clothes, books and school work, I made the whole week’s lesson plans and we drove him to the yard to meet dad.  So this week it’s just Miss Muffet and I here.  It’s kinda strange, well, ok, it’s VERY weird to not have Ryan here.
So Monday Abby and I did school in the afternoon. Ryan did school in the rig going down I-80!! Right now they are in Wyoming. Ryan’s going to get a great Geography lesson this week!!
Hopefully they will be back Thursday or Friday. We have plans to go out of town this weekend if they make it back.
Today Abby and I slept in till almost 9 am, got up and had breakfast, hung out, took a walk, made lunch and then we did school.  She had a unit test for Geography and only MISSED ONE! I was so proud of her.  She also had a self test in Math and missed a few in that so we did some review. Sadly she’s like me in math and struggles with it.  Speaking of math, Ryan is doing AMAZING with Horizons math and loves it so much better than the LIFEPAC math. We are so happy about that.
Well, I had better go, Abby wants to go to the park, and I am going to bring my Kindle which came yesterday!  I am reading a book for a Women’s Christian book club my friend Jessica runs. It’s called “Sisterhood of the Queen Mamas” and it’s very good so far. I am in Chapter 3 and I just started it today!
Well, gotta run! If you read this far God Bless You!!!!