Abby loves the Children’s Museum!

We had such a blast today! Abby and I went to the Discount grocery in Kalona (only open on Wednesdays) then we drove to Coralville and spent almost 4 hours playing at the Children’s museum of Iowa! It was so fun. She had a blast and was sad we finally had to go. I think she would have spent the night there if she could LOL!
Here’s a few pics that I took.

We started out in a cute little room with books, a hideout, couches and a light table-which she loved! Notice it says Mom and Abby 🙂
Then we proceeded on to the new Aviation part of the museum. She liked the Hot Air Balloon best!

Then Abby got to climb a rock wall in the motion room. They had all kinds of tracks for race cars and balls. It was neat!

Then from there we had ‘pizza’ in the pizza shop and ‘bought groceries’ in the grocery store.  Then we went out for lunch at the mall, we had subs at Subway and then went back to the Children’s Museum.
The last place we went was the MOST amazing ART room I have ever seen! I so would love to have this WHOLE room at home for the kids! WOW!! What a classroom this would make in our home. I was in love! She loved it too, my little budding artist!!  She made a few crafts and got to take them home!

It was a super great day and I am exhausted! When we got home we did Math, Language arts and Bible.  WE had a light supper and are now chillin’ out here after a walk around town at dusk.
We are missing daddy and Ryan thou and will be happy when they come home on Friday.