We’re alive!!

So sorry I haven’t been updating!! Gosh, it’s been almost a week! YIKES!!  Let’s see….Friday morning Ryan got home from his trip in the semi with dad. He was so happy to be home!! They bought 2 Tshirts for Abby and some candy treats for mom and Abby 🙂
Friday afternoon Ryan had FPS so him and Abby and I headed there while dad took a load to Muscatine and got it unloaded.  He got home while we were at the library.  When we got home we went up to IC for dinner at Pizza Ranch (yum!)
Saturday we got up and went to the animal shelter so the kids could play with the cats and dogs. That was fun. Then we went to the mall to see our friend ice skate with her GS troop.  Her mom couldn’t make it and I said I would take pics for her.  Then we went shopping and had lunch at Old Country Buffet at the mall.  Then we stopped at Walmart and came home.  Phew!
Sunday was Church.  I had a good time at my first SCL class (first chance ever in my church life I have been able to take an adult Sunday school class)
Sunday night we drove to Muscatine to look at a house for rent but it wasn’t for us.  So we went back to the realtor’s office to look at some other options.  Drove home.
Today Ralph had to go back to work and I had all of last week’s work to grade for both kids and lesson plans to make.  Got that all done and made lesson plans for the whole week in advance (a first for me!) then the kids and I worked on memorizing scripture and cleaning.  I made Chili-Chicken-Enchiladas for dinner and then we left for the church for my Monday night Women’s bible study class.  I had a blast there and then we stopped at Walmart and came home. 
I don’t have pics to share of any of this, been pretty laxed with the camera lately.  I hope you are all doing well!!! Tomorrow is a ‘regular’ day of school and Ryan has a science experiment so I will try to get back to posting with pics of our day!!