Great day!

We had a great day today!! We started the day out with the regular run down of sit down lessons, Abby in Language arts then Ryan in math. Then Abby moved on to Math, Science and Geography, and Ryan moved on to Geography, and Language arts. We were going to do science today, but we didn’t have the iodine we needed for the experiment. We’ll get that tomorrow and then we can proceed. He did Geography instead 🙂

While working, Abby thought she needed her new mask she bought
with allowance money last night at Walmart! LOL

I had to get a pic of her! She put her glasses back on after the pic,
but didn’t want them on under the mask for the photo!

For lunch I made Chili-chicken-Enchiladas (left over from last night’s supper)
Ryan was just CRACKING me up with his faces he was making over how much he LOVED the meal!

I had to get my camera out and he actually AGREED to let me get pics of him!

My silly kid!
Then he proceeded to chow down!
Yumm Mom!!

Later today we had our first meeting with our Supervising teacher. It’s one of the options we have available to use by Iowa home schooling law. We chose this option after getting advice on it from other homeschooling families at our church. Our supervising teacher is a lovely lady from church who we like alot!
She gave us the “thumbs up” and said we are doing wonderfully so far and that the kids are doing great! That makes me feel awesome knowing that I am doing great as their teacher and that motivates me cause I know I can do this!! So we had pizza tonight to celebrate!

We had a great day that’s for sure!