School work, Monster cookies and purging!

WOW we had a full day today!! Sorry no photos.  I wasn’t even in the mood to pull the camera out. Weird huh?
We started the day with “Home Ec” by having the kids help with doing dishes and folding laundry. Then we started school at about 9:30 and finished up with all subjects by 2pm.  Then we went upstairs and worked on purging the spare storage room. WOW what a mess it was!!! I did end up calling my friend Cindy and she was able to come pick up a bag of clothes and toys for her boys.  I have 2 bags to go to the 2nd hand store (along with a whole van load already in the van ready to go) and I filled a bag full of girl stuff for my sister’s little girl.
Then the kids and I made Monster Cookies (recipe HERE courtesy of Paula Deen). I made one HUGE cookie for the kids, they loved it!
I managed to fit in 2 treadmill workouts today too! I was pretty proud of myself 🙂

Well, I should go. I think tomorrow will just be a 1/2 day, I REALLY need to catch up on grading papers and planning the next week or so of lesson plans, I am so behind.  The great thing is, I am discovering that even if don’t “write” down lesson plans, the kids know what they need to do. They do each subject (except Ryan and he does 4 a day Science and Geography alternate) and they pretty much know they do 3-4 pages a day aside from the other things like reading and household activities.  It’s pretty cool.  They are very self motivated kids and get upset if we don’t start school right at 9! LOL

Well, have a great night everyone!