Sillyness (oh, and some school!)

Well today was a fun day!!!  We did all our studies, then we went to the park for lunch!!!  Here’s the kids eating lunch.  Ryan HID from me, but you can still kinda see him LOL!

Then the kids decided to do some exploring while eating!
We’re on the top of the world!
We met a nice mom while we were there who had 2 daughters ages 3 and 1.  We chatted a bit and offered her girls our Monster cookies.  They were so adorable! 
Then when we came home I had to get a shot of Abby’s ‘creation’ she made yesterday
How funny is that??
Then she took the top ‘bucket’ head and the tank top and proceeded to turn it into a costume for herself! 
Then after all that we went to IC and dropped off a HUGE load of things at the 2nd hand store (I love moving-it forces the junk to LEAVE!)
Then we went to Kohls where I got 3 new pairs of jeans and a new pair of shoes!
Aren’t they cute?? They’re Sketchers!
Anyway, it’s now 10:37pm and I just got done grading both kids’ work. Ryan needs some help in Math (division), Geography and he did not do well in his Unit test of Bible so we have some work to do tomorrow working on the things he got wrong and he is going to take the Alternate test in Bible.  I really want him to have a good understanding of the Bible, all of life is based on that book (or SHOULD be!)
Well, I am off to bed. Sweet dreams all!