Happy Wednesday!!!

Today was a FANTASTIC day for the Barker Family!! Today we had a lot of fun!!! Abby is learning about the parts of plants and learned that the ‘tubes’ in a stem of a plant bring it nutrients, water and minerals. We learned this by sticking a celery stalk into water with red food coloring in it!

You can see here, after about 2 hours the tips of the leaves have a touch of red in them. She was pretty excited!
Here you see where she’s showing me where the plant’s tubes are for carrying the water 🙂
Ryan is learning about the Twelve Tribes in Bible and he made a poster showing the inheritance of the Twelve Tribes.

I had to hang it up when he was all done! This is going to be the last room to get packed up, the school room, as I need this stuff! LOL
Today was also a big day cause we met the landlady at the new house and got the KEYS!!!! I’m so excited!!!
Here’s the keys after we got them! YAY!
Before we went up to meet her, the kids and I loaded the van full of the first load of stuff to go there.
Here’s the kids trying to look ‘shocked’ at how much stuff we packed into the van! Trust me, it’s been a lot fuller than this!

Here’s the van ready to go to the new house! I’ll be so happy when we’re all moved in!! Only 2 1/2 weeks to go!