Moving, packing, unpacking….

It wans’t a super exciting day here at the Barker household….

We started out the day with the kids’ sit down work, math, geography, language arts and bible.  I packed the van all up and we made a run to the new house after they got all done with school work.  Then we spent time there and unpacked as much as we could. Looks so great to have clothes hanging in closets! I also hung my fall wreath up on the front door.  Kinda made it look more ‘homey’!!
Afterwards we stopped at the Dollar Tree and then Fareway for more empty boxes. However, I was able to bring home 4 or 5 boxes that I unloaded at the new house! Yay!

The kids and I are taking next week off from school for the big move. I don’t want to think about trying to juggle school and moving all at once since next week is the last week we have in this house so it will be crunch time.  I do love that best thou about the HSing…the flexibility!!