Update on us

I thought I should send out a huge apology to all of my faithful followers.  I know I haven’t been posting much. We move in a week so I have been super busy, packing and taking loads of small stuff and boxes up in my minivan.  The kids have been wonderful about helping me!
This weekend we had a great time at church and then we had a church hayride/bonfire/cookout last night that was alot of fun!  This church has been such a blessing for us. They are wonderful.
The church is also rounding people up to help us move! How wonderful is that? Truly the Body of Christ at work in Good News Bible Church!
So far we took 3 van loads of stuff up to the new house, this house is starting to look pretty bare.  Still have alot of stuff to pack and have all the large stuff to move as well. I never ever ever ever wanna move again LOL! This is alot of work (we have been here for 8yrs so I had forgotten!)
Well, anyway, I just wanted to send in an update. I’m sorry I have been so scarce, but as you can see, we are busy.  I will be without internet too for a few days, till they hook it up at the new house.  They are shutting if off here on the 23rd and (supposedly) turning it on there on the 25th.   This company isn’t real reliable so who knows.
The kids and I took this week off from school…we will resume on the 26th. I will be glad to get back to a ‘normal’ routine!
I will try to post short updates on our facebook page, so be sure to follow there as well!