We’re still here

Gosh, I had no idea that trying to move, then unpack and start the kids back on a school schedule would be so tiring!!! I’m so sorry that I have not updated you all.  The kids and I started back to school on Monday.  It was a chore to get the kids to listen, pay attention and do their work…sigh…
Tuesday was better for Ryan, but Abby was sick so she didn’t do anything but lay on the couch all day 😦
She’s better today and we were able to buckle down.  By 2 we were all done with school! (unlike the 5pm finish on Monday!)
Today the kids go to their first Awana ‘class’ I guess you could call it at another church here but with members of our church family at the church we attend.
Speaking of the church we attend…they ROCKED at helping us move!! They rounded up 8-10 guys (and some ladies) and we were packed up and unpacked in 2 hours!!!! It was totally awesome and they are the bomb! We are so blessed.  The Lord is so good!
I have to get my CPI forms turned into the new school district by this Friday…oops! I was so busy teaching I forgot about the state! LOL! Better get on that.
The kids had good day today. Abby’s learning about Washington state and Ryan about Mesopotamia in Geography, Plants and plant growth in Science and Abby’s reading about Joseph and his dream understanding and Ryan is learning about Judges in Bible.  No pics to share, sorry!
Abby helped me make homemade pizza for lunch and it was so good!
Well, that’s about it for us.  I still have places I have to change our address at (like the bank!) but we’re getting pretty settled in.  I VOTED last night too and was so happy with the outcome of the midterm election! The kids got their first experience of learning what it was like to go to the polling place, they thought it was boring, but I think it was good for them to see!