Day #48

Well, we are almost thru 50 days of our home school. We had a long time off with moving and stuff.  Today was a pretty laid back day. The kids did mostly all sit down work in an effort to try to get caught up.  After they were all done we went to the Animal shelter to check status of our application for Twizzy and also to play with her for a while.   They said our application was perfect pending hubby meeting her. So tonight Ralph should be home, then we can go there tomorrow after run all our errands and see if he likes her too. If he approves then we get to take her home!!
This puts a little bit of a hold on buying the kids a membership to the Science Museum here, but I think it will be worth it in the end.  Abby said she didn’t care about that being put off if we could get a dog LOL!
Saturday my sister and her family are visiting from Kansas.  I haven’t been able to see my new nephew yet, he’s 5 months old, he was born in June. So I am happy to see them.  They will also be meeting our new addition too.
Well, that’s about it from us. We’re getting settled into our new home, and back into our routine.