Our Monday

Well, Monday we attempted to get back into the swing of school after the Christmas break.  Abby did great, Ryan not so much 😦 It took him till 6pm to finally finish all of his lessons.  I was none to happy. Sigh…he’s already doing better today thou!
That night, Abby didn’t feel very well, so she didn’t even eat supper, just had a bowl of cereal. She’s doing better today.  Last night we watched the movie “Tooth Fairy”.  What a hilarious film and totally clean for the kids to watch, which was wonderful (and refreshing)!!   Here’s a shot I took of Abby while she was curled up on the recliner.
Well, I gotta get off here for now, we have to run and get milk for science and other groceries for the house.
Have a great day!