An update & pictures from the Children’s Museum

WOW! Life has really just taken a hold of the Barker family and made us very busy!!   So sorry I haven’t been updating.  Since we moved in October, we have been busy trying to get back on track from 2 weeks off.  We took off a few days around Christmas but not much, the kids didn’t like that very much.

Things are moving right along for us, the kids are doing very well, we’re not making quite as much progress as I would like on our curriculum, but I know that it’s a ‘guideline’ and that we don’t have to do EVERY single thing in there.  We skipped a unit in Science for Ryan, because neither one of us liked it at all, and moved on to the human body, which is WAY more fun!

Abby’s learning fractions, borrowing (2, 3 and 4 digit numbers) in Math and is currently studying Texas in Geography. We just finished up California also.  In Science she is learning about Animals and we currently have a container of Nightcrawlers taking up residence in the fridge!

Today we took time off from the books and took advantage of our new Membership we purchased to the Children’s Museum at the mall in Coralville.  We had a lot of fun! The kids got to play around with the Flight Simulators which they loved and Abby was able to use the art room which is something she loves.  They also served me up “pizza” and went grocery “shopping”.

I promise to be a bit better about updating the blog…

Here’s some pics from today’s outing!