Some Random thoughts…

I was reading The Pioneer woman’s website this morning, if you don’t know who she is, then you need to find yourself at her site, she is fabulous! She was talking about what she’s learned about blogging over the years, and one of them was posting often, and talking as tho you’re talking to your sister, unless you don’t like your sister, LOL or don’t have one. I have one. So here’s me talking as tho I am talking to her.
I know I don’t post as much on here, not near as much as I should. When we started our homeschooling year, and this wild adventure I thought I will post on my blog DAILY! I will post oodles of pics that everyone will love, and I will share everything we did. I did do that for a while. Till Ryan started whining about me taking pics all the time, shame on him, I’m a photographer!!!!! Anyway, I thought I really need to start posting again. This week I got a new computer, so I have been wrapped up setting that up. Along with assisting Abby with learning about square inches and Ryan learning about ancient Greece.
It amazes me, the fun some homeschoolers have, when I can’t seem to find a creative bone in my body for these poor suffering kids.
I think I need to step out of the Curriculum and find a unit study…SOMETHING that would make this battle more fun. I guess I feel like I am stuck in a rut. We do all the work in the workbooks and then we’re done. Usually by 2:30 or so in the afternoon. Which is nice, don’t get me wrong, but I know that I could do more, more to make it interesting…must be researching that.
On a lighter note, Ryan gets to take a writing class sometime in the next month or so that is being taught by our Pastor’s Wife, Carol, who is also a homeschooling mom. Lucky for us, we found a church that is almost all homeschooling families!! It’s fantastic!! God is so Good!!
We had a coffee spill all over the kitchen table last night, and now I cannot mail out my papers for the homeschool assistance program!! I’m worried now that I won’t be able to get them in in time to get enrolled!! UGH! Lesson to those of you, make copies of important papers…..or mail them out right away and do not procrastinate. I’ll be so sad if I cannot get in for this for the 2011-2012 school year 😦
Please pray I can get them in. I think I have till March 1st, but I cannot remember. I have to call them on Monday.
Ok, I just checked, cause I had to look, right in the middle of my post, I have their newsletter here, and PHEW! I have till March 1st!! Thank you Jesus!!! PHEW! Again. WOW. I was freaking out there for a minute. I will go down to the library on Monday and get some new books and get new paperwork.
Let’s see…where was I, oh right, making school more fun for the kids. We did buy a membership to the Children’s Museum which the kids love. I think maybe I am just stuck in winter time blues…sick of being stuck in this house when the wind is blowing and it’s too cold to go outside. That and I keep letting the devil make me think I am not doing what I need to do. I know I am doing a good job. I know I am doing a good job. I know I am doing a good job. Gotta keep telling myself that.
Well, gotta get on the list of “To Do’s” for Saturday!! Thanks for listening to my ramblings!!