Writing Class and Smoking (not teach them how LOL!)

Today Ryan gets to start a new ‘adventure’. He gets to take a writing course being taught by fellow homeschooling friend, Carol. Also our Pastor’s wife. We adore her!
This morning has been a typical homeschool day for us. Abby worked diligently on all 5 subjects and Ryan worked on Math, is on Bible now and then has Science. Language arts is being replaced today with the class he’s taking at Carol’s house.
Right now Ryan’s dictating adding suffixes to words, how they are spelled after adding the suffix and their meaning. He’s doing really well.
Next he’s drawing up a poster about the effects smoking has on the lungs. This would be a good one for his dad to help him with, the ex smoker that he is…oh wait, I’m an ex smoker too LOL I guess it’s a good one for me too, however, the smoking did more damage to him since he had a heart attack that almost killed him. I’ll be excited to see how he draws up this poster about the lungs.
Tonight I have my CHEF mom’s tea. I very much enjoy going to those, however, I am the only mom who has to bring her kids. I think the point of it is for the mom’s to have time to spend together away from the kids…but such is the life of a trucker’s wife.
Tomorrow we’re taking the day off for Miss Abby’s birthday! She’s going to be 9!! It’s her golden Birthday 🙂 We’re going to Coralville to the Children’s Museum in the morning then that afternoon we’re going bowling and some of our homeschooling friends are coming also! It should be a good time.
I know the kids are excited about having the day off!! 🙂
Well, I should go, we leave in less than an hour for Ryan’s class and I still have stuff to get done.