My baby is 9!!!!

WOW, Abby is 9 now. Seems only yesterday we bought her home from the hospital. *sniff sniff*
Yesterday, the 9th was her big day, her Golden Birthday. We celebrated by going to Walmart in the morning and picking out a cake, then we came home, painted our nails and had lunch. Her brother played on the Wii with her for a while also. Then we went to the Bowling alley and bowled with some homeschooling friends from church. After bowling we stopped and picked up stuff to make the dinner she requested (Spaghetti and Garlic Toast) and came home. I talked to Ralph on the phone and since he was only an hour away we decided to halt the Spaghetti dinner and pack up and have dinner with him!! So after map reading, and writing down how to get there we left and headed to Monticello, IA. When we got there we picked up dad and headed over to a little mom and pop cafe and had a great dinner.
I had the BIGGEST and BEST Tenderloin I have EVER eaten!! It was fantastic!! Abby had hot ham and cheese, Ryan had a bacon cheeseburger and Ralph had hot roast beef. YUMMO!!!
By the time we got home it was too late for the cake but the kids were too exhausted to care. Finally got them both to go to sleep around 10pm. It was a great night thou!
This morning guess what breakfast was?? BIRTHDAY CAKE LOL!!!! Once in a while never hurt anyone! *Giggle*
Here’s some pics from yesterday and today. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend everyone!!