A long day…

Well, today was a long day in the Barker Academy. I had a photo session this morning so we really didn’t get a good start on school till after lunch. So Ryan didn’t finish everything till 6pm. But hey, that’s ok. I’ve learned not to sweat the little things. I know he’s doing well and as long as he finishes before bedtime we’re ok πŸ™‚
We had a pretty good day over-all. Abby started a new unit in math and is coming up on Multiplication. So that will be exciting. She’s learning about archeology and how it helps us uncover truths to the Bible in Bible class, coal and coal mining in geography (today we mapped out important big cities and mountains in PA), she also had a Unit Test today in Science, she’s been learning about how we should eat, shower, brush our teeth and stay active in order to keep our bodies healthy πŸ™‚
Ryan is doing decimals and fractions in math and we had to skip some of it in order to have dad help when he gets home. Which isn’t a big deal, he helped him over the phone some and we’ll just move on past that for now. In language arts he’s learning how to make wording sound good if you were trying to sell a product, and we laughed at how they tried to change names of things (Tride Laundry detergent, Tripton Tea, Poka Cola, Clamay Soap, and Telloggs cereal). We had a good laugh over that!!!!! Then in Science he’s learning about lung diseases and did some research on smoking to make a presentation about how bad it is for you. In Bible, he’s learning about friends of Jesus.
After school was done we had supper and the kids found a challenging game online that they have been playing as well. They also helped me with the laundry.
Overall it was a pretty good day. β™₯