YAY for helpful websites!!!

Today was another fun day of learning in the Barker Academy!! This morning started out rough…till I found a GREAT website!!! Ryan comes to me with math, which I am not good with, even on a good day. It’s dividing decimals….yeah, not understanding the curriculum’s explanation, and neither is Ryan. So, off to the internet I go. Begging Google to help me out (and praying some too mind you), I found a video on Youtube that explained it, turns out, we found this site that has OOODLES of teaching videos!! Chemisty, Math, Algebra, Calculus, you name it!!!!!
Here’s the link for anyone interested: KHAN Academy It is a God send!! We watched it and before he was even done explaining the light bulb came on in Ryan’s head and he got it!! So on to math he went, and I called Ralph to tell him our gold find LOL!!
As I cleaned out the coat closet they worked on school work, with me helping or reading when needed. Then we had lunch (tacos!) and worked some more. Abby made a robot out of an empty Kleenex box, toilet paper roll and foil! It’s so cute!
Then when Ryan got done with school we went to Fareway and got groceries.
Scary thou, on the way home from Fareway, all of Hwy 6 was lit up in flashing lights. There was a bad accident and someone died 😦 We had to drive by it 😦
I hate seeing those things, it always makes me feel sick in my stomach and my soul. We came home and sure enough, it wasn’t 20 minutes after we got home and it was on the news. So sad. The scary thing, is that we had just gone thru that intersection less than a half hour before the accident happened. Praise God we left when we did and got done at Fareway when we did. Prayers going up for the family of the man who died.
Well, I am off to bed. I hope you all have sweet dreams and remember, life is so short, enjoy every day.