Math struggles and chocolate bubbles…

Kinda sounds quirky doesn’t it?? Well, it was that kind of day.  We started out the day with Ryan struggling and whining about math.  He loves math, just not when it’s hard ya know?  He is dividing decimals and really having issues with it, well, long division over all really.  He really HATES doing it. UGH I am struggling getting him to do it every day without sounding like the wicked witch of the west…sheesh.  I was at my wits end with my little prince today.   Finally we manged to get thru it, but not without him telling me his life sucks about 10 times….. *insert eye roll here*

So when we moved on to another subject this was his over all attitude:

Needless to say I’m praying tomorrow is better.

Abby had a better day, school wise, and was done with all 5 subjects before Ryan got done with math….now you know  what I was going thru!!   She is seen here:

Concentrating intently on her Bible curriculum.

Finally, after Ryan got done with over 1/2 of his day, I let him make “Chemistry” LOL!   Abby’s learning about matter, and how you can change matter, so her book used adding chocolate to milk changes the matter.  So the kids think it’s great to make chocolate milk now, cause “mom, we’re doing science!”    Ryan also made bubbles with his!  He hates me taking pics, but I allowed the bubble blowing, if he allowed pics!!

So the day was better this afternoon and evening.  We watched “One night with the King” which the kids lost interest in before it was over, guess they’re a bit too young for that one yet.