Visiting the Hospital today

Well, instead of the “Book Studies” that we typically do we’re going to visit the sick, just as Jesus commanded. 

My great Auntie Belva is in

the hospital and we’re going to visit her. I adore this woman. She’s 85yrs old and so lively!!

I only pray to be that active when I am her age. She’s an inspiration!

We also have to go to hubby’s work and fill out insurance paperwork….blah! That’s not very fun LOL!

It’s going to be 61* today!! Goodbye snow! So I’m hoping we can take the dog for a walk around our

neighborhood as well.

Abby got a birthday card from Grandma yesterday with a check for $40 so she’s dying to go to the bank

and then shopping!

So we’ll probably end up at Walmart as well. Who knows….maybe we’ll go out to the mall and spend some

time at the children’smuseum