A {much needed} update from the Barker Academy

Hello everyone!! Sorry I didn’t update you on our activities from Thursday and Friday of last week.  Thursday we went up to the hospital to visit Belva.  It went well. She’s looking very good and I expect she’ll go back to her apt at the home soon.

We walked from the hospital to Taco Bell for lunch that day, and when we got there, we noticed that the Cedar Rapids History Museum was right across the street!! So after visiting Belva we drove over there and went thru it.   It was really cool and the kids really liked it.

Here’s a few pics from our visit….all of them can be seen on our facebook page.


Thursday was also one of the nicest weather days we’ve had in a long time!!!  It got up to 67* outside which is VERY unusual for Feb!!  So after getting home from the hospital and museum we opened up all the windows!! It was soooooooooooooo nice to have fresh air in the house!!!


Friday was pretty uneventful.  We did school and cleaned house.  I managed to clean out the whole upstairs coat closet. That was a chore in itself!!  I cleared out alot of stuff thou, and took some to the 2nd hand store. That was nice to get rid of stuff.

After school we took the dog for a walk, it was not as nice as Thursday, but it was still pretty nice!!   We saw our neighbor there with his 2 bulldogs.  What cute dogs they are. They got along nicely with Twizzy too.     We ate pizza and watched a movie, I can’t even recall which one now LOL but after the kids went to bed I watched “One Night with the King” again, I love that movie.

Saturday morning I had a photo session with some adorable little girls.  The post about that is on my photography blog HERE.  Then after that the kids and I made homemade donuts for breakfast and cleaned house and basically hung out till Ralph got home.  He got home that afternoon, and we invited some friends over for dinner. That was a blast!!   Their boys used to come to our house all the time,  I provided full time daycare for them for 5yrs.  Seems strange not to have them coming every day.

Sunday was fun too, we had SCL classes in the morning, then worship, after worship we had a luncheon and the annual meeting for the church.  We’re not members yet, but it was good to hear how the business side of things is run.

Well, I should go, today was catch up and I am almost done grading tests.  Meeting with Lisa Miller, our supervising teacher this week.

HaVe A gReAt EvEnInG!!!